Our single-minded mission is to get you and your people to be part of the two in ten who spend most of their day playing to their strengths. Change is inevitable, and you could start a revolution today that will change the way you live and work forever the Strengths Revolution.

Through this paradigm shifting presentation you will:
Discover the real truth about you
Learn to identify your strengths and the strengths of the people you lead
Leverage your strengths and tilt the playing field of your life to such a degree that the best of your job becomes most of your job.

Keynote / The Truth About You

In this compelling and edutaining keynote presentation you will be introduced to the Strengths Revolution - a movement now in full flood with many of the world's leading companies declaring their commitment to becoming strengths-based organizations, citing it as the secret to their sustainable success and the best way to navigate a rapidly changing landscape.


"I just LOVED every minute learning everything that Jacqui had to teach me. It is so fascinating and so interesting and so revolutionary to turn one's old familiar ways of thinking upside down - I love it!"
Deborah Kirsten / Author

"Jacqui did so much for us individually and as a young company. We now look at each other through our strengths and the value add we all bring to the company. We are so excited about the future and have made really big decisions as a direct result of the findings and the process she took us through. We will never be the same again."
Deryck Broom / Trilogy

"Jacqui is just amazing! Her insight into my strengths was just so invaluable! I am more confident about a number of things now and love that!"
Yvonne De Souza / GSK