Here's what we believe.

Everyone has strengths, no-one is strength-less. You were born unique and no-one has the same configuration of strengths that you do. You alone are the best judge of what those strengths are. You'll make your greatest contribution in life, be at your most creative, passionate, fulfilled and effective when you are playing to your strengths. And when you do, everybody wins, you, your family, your colleagues, clients and everyone! But it doesn't matter what we believe - it matters what you believe and that's why we've brought this revolution to the tip of Africa.

“The Revolution Group is not a political party, nor is it a guerilla brigade or a socialist faction - it's a group of passionate individuals determined to start a revolution, a revolution that will change the way we live & work forever. We call it the strengths revolution!”


The Revolution Group is a team of passionate individuals , determined to start a revolution that will change the way we live and work... a Strengths Revolution. The big idea? Figure out what you were born to do, and build a life around that. Simple, profound yet surprisingly counter intuitive. Who would've imagined that what we were taught from the first day of school ("Focus on fixing your weaknesses!") doesn't lead to success, but to mediocrity. Ugh! Why be average, when you can stand out by realising your brilliance. That's what this revolution is all about

Large or small, local or abroad we deliver:

  • keynote presentations
  • interactive workshops and
  • one to one coaching underpinned by a single minded determination to give you and your team a clear picture of your strengths and how to deploy them so that the best of you becomes the most of you.

Why settle for the mundane & mediocre when you can start a revolution in your life by living, working and playing to your strengths.