Dr Michael Mol

Michael is driven by a deep desire to turn something good into something great - and so he concentrates most of his energy on what he and others do well. Being the voice of The Revolution Group, Michael is energized by creative ideas and coming up with alternative ways to do things. He takes full ownership of what he does and guided by faith and an inner compass he shows an inspiring confidence in his approach to life.

Michael didn’t go for career counseling. As a result he wears several hats of different shapes and sizes. He is a medical doctor, executive producer, TV presenter, international speaker, business consultant and a founding member of a multi-national company called Hello Doctor.

In 1996, this energetic young trauma doctor carried his charisma from the casualty room over to the small screen and anchored Top Billing, South Africa’s longest running prime time television magazine show, for more than a decade. Then as Executive Producer and presenter he melded his passion for medicine and media and created two new TV series called “Hello Doctor” and “The Dr Mol Show” with a vision to educate, empower and inspire South Africans to live their best lives, by being the healthiest they can be. In between he co-founded TomorrowToday, a futurist consultancy helping individuals and organizations to better appreciate the way the world works, and understand trends that will affect us in the future. He later took up tenure as CEO of Sportron International.

Today he’s a product architect and director of Hello Doctor – a game-breaking company, that has spread globally, operating in several countries in Africa as well as Indonesia - using mobile technology to “give everyone access to a doctor anytime, anywhere.”

In 2015 Michael’s first book “The Best Day of your Life” hits South African shelves.

Aside from being a former Mr. South Africa and a Professional Speakers Association Hall of Fame Award winner, he suffers from an incurable addiction … an insatiable thirst for adrenalin! From sky-diving out of a hot-air balloon, to running the bulls in Pamplona, to scuba diving under an frozen lake, to wing walking on a bi-plane, to surfing the great Zambezi white waters on a body board, completing two Cape Epics and flying to the edge of space in a Russian mig and bungi jumping off the highest bridge in the world …backwards! There’s nothing that he would shrink back from … yet!

Jacqui Mol

Jacqui is driven by the quest to figure out what makes each individual so distinctly unique. Quite simply - people fascinate her! Guided by her intuitive awareness of unspoken emotions, she is in constant motion toward meaningful and helpful interactions with others. Being the heart behind The Revolution Group, Jacqui’s main objective is to help people recognize and cultivate their potential, grow to higher levels of personal effectiveness and ultimately shine!

Jacqui too has flitted between Medicine, Media & Modern Education. In the past two decades, she has instinctively shaped her career around the fact that people are simply fascinating! She derives her greatest satisfaction from helping people develop their potential, be it physically, intellectually or emotionally.

From a qualified Physiotherapist (with a special interest in Trauma Rehab), to a University Lecturer, TV Production Manager for SA’s ‘Top Billing’ & ‘Hello Doctor’, and a StrengthsFinder Coach for the Revolution Group, Jacqui holds to the belief that each individual is a work in progress, alive with possibilities. She is drawn toward people for this very reason and her goal is to help them experience success - moving people from where they are to higher levels of personal effectiveness.

She is well respected for her customized approach to individuals, and the value she adds to partnerships and teams has positively impacted Hotel Groups, Law Firms, University Faculties, Schools, Non-profit Organizations and several Businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Michael and Jacqui reside in Cape Town, South Africa. They have been married since 1994, are proud parents of their three children, Joshua, Rachael & Naethan and are no longer on the safe side of 40.


"It must be all this new found strength that has given me the extra energy to run our hotel at 100% occupancy for the past week. We hope that we can make your seminars a regular event."
Andrew Slome / GM Sugar Beach Resort

"I am enjoying & benefitting from the sessions with Jacqui. It's like I am getting to know my colleagues for the first time and I am enjoying the process. It's really helpful & enlightening."
Ncumisa Walker / Network

"Jacqui’s presentation was superb. Her inspiring demeanour and incredible knowledge of each strength is enlightening and she gave us a refreshing look at our collective potential as a Team."
Karen Levett / YPO